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Dipesh Majumdar


The lectures are like going back to the roots and then linking them with the concept, which actually results in proper understanding rather than just mugging up the formulas. 

Shubh Bhatnagar


If you have found this course and reading these reviews, then congratulation-this is one of the best things you ever found on the internet.
Chandra sir is an ACE at it, Every course rather lesson of him adds new value to your knowledge bank. He is an absolute legend. There is no option for infinite no. of stars (there is up to 5 only) else that would also be less seeing his amazing style of teaching. Go for it, I am damn sure it is going to be one of the best investments of your life.

Ipsit Sahoo


The MOST comprehensive course, I will surely recommend CAT 2020 test-takers. Best online course among all the courses for CAT. Live sessions are quite effective . Best course one of the best faculty across India. 

Faculty Members
We are helping students with their CAT prep since early 2000s
  • Chandra

    QA, DI, LR

  • Massey
  • Nishant
    QA, DI, LR

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Frequently asked question
How/where can I access the course?

The course is accessed using a browser, preferably Chrome, in any laptop/desktop while being connected to the internet.

You can also access the course in our Android app. The app allows offline viewing of videos, once they are saved/downloaded on your mobile.

Please note that you dont have access to any video/pdf files, you can only play them in the app/browser.

Will I get any SD card or physical books?

No, nothing about the course has anything physical, it is a purely online course. You require to add your address while paying for GST billing purposes and NOT for us couriering anything to the address. However, please add your correct state, or else your state will lose on tax revenues 🙂

Can I download videos? Will I get any PDFs?

NO. Videos and PDFs available in the course cannot be downloaded. You will have to access the, using the app/browser only.

In the android app, you can ‘save’ videos for offline (without internet) viewing. But you cannot access the saved videos and you can only play them in the app, till the validity of the course.

Can I get a discount coupon?

Not only are our prices very reasonable, we also have very generous early bird discounts, as high as 35%. The earlier you join, the more discount you get (you also get more time to study … the course is very time consuming one).

The displayed prices are post the discounts applied, for all. We do not have individual based discount, so please do not message us for getting any discount coupons, we dont have any. The feature of discount coupon is that of the LMS, but we are sorry, we dont have any coupons.

How are doubts cleared?

The fastest way to resolve doubts is to seek community help. Not only will you get responses much faster than a faculty can respond, but also get multiple approaches to resolve the doubt. Thus, we strongly encourage you to seek the community’s help before reaching out to the faculty.

We have a community on Telegram … once you purchase a course … you will be added to the Telegram Group. Whenever you face a doubt, please post your doubt in the group. Replies to your post, from community members, take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

If the doubt is not cleared by the end of the day, please tag a faculty member to the post. We, faculty members, browse through the group posts about twice every day. Based on our work-schedule and work-load, we will strive to reply to the tagged posts the next day.

During peak periods, there are hundreds of posts and it is likely that a faculty may miss replying to some tagged post (thought of replying to it and then got interrupted by a call or some other urgent matter). If the doubt is not resolved even by the next day, you can raise a ‘ticket’ by mailing us the doubt at hello@takshzila.com. Once a ticket is raised, the entire team is notified and you can expect a prompt reply from any faculty member. Tickets raised by students of Contact Programs will be given priority over tickets raised by students of Self Study course.

Contact Program students can also clear their doubts in Live Online sessions. However since time is limited in these sessions and there are other agenda for the class as well, we would urge you to get the doubts cleared through community help (on Telegram group) or offline interaction with faculty and only for sticky doubts which require live interaction and which cannot be resolved offline, resort to this option.

How are Live Online Classes held?

Live online classes are conducted on Zoom with two way audio & video communication. A few recordings of actual Live Classes of CAT 2020 can be viewed using the links below.

QA Recording 1

QA Recording 2

QA Recording 3

QA Recording 4

DILR Recording 1

DILR Recording 2

DILR Recording 3

What are the refund rules?

For courses costing Rs. 5000 or less, there are no refunds. For courses costing more than Rs. 5000, you can ask for a refund before the end of 5th day, 1st day being the day of purchasing the course.

Payment gate-way charges (approximately 5%, rounded up to a multiple of Rs. 100) will be deducted from the amount paid, and the balance will be refunded.

Refunds are processed within 2 working days of receiving your requests. You will get a mail after the refund is processed. Certain payment methods (like UPI) allow instant refunds; for other methods the refund may take anywhere from a few hours to 10 days to be credited to your account. We have no control on this duration and it depends on payment issuing bank.

The refund will be credited to the same account that you used to make the payment.

To get a refund, write a mail to refunds@takshzila.com. No other form of communication is acceptable.